Grounds Visitation Policy

All individuals visiting the grounds of Our Lady, Mother of Mercy Center must be appropriately dressed.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in denial of admission to the grounds and/or the building.

Campus restrooms may not be utilized as changing rooms and the organization will not provide any garments, or the means to alter any garments, to comply with these following requirements.

Tight fitting or provocative clothing: short shorts, short skirts, tank tops, strapless tops, low cut/ halter tops, see-through clothing, bare midriffs, and bathing suits are prohibited.

Ripped clothing: pants with holes, cut and frayed short shorts are not allowed.

Tobacco: Visitors are not permitted to smoke, or carry tobacco products.  These items should be secured in your vehicle or left at home if you plan to visit.

Hunting: Visitors are not permitted to hunt on the grounds.  Our Lady, Mother of Mercy Center Campus is in the city limits of Rome City.


Visitors should sign in at the business office and show some form of identification.  Visitors are allowed during working hours. After-hours visitors must have written authorization from management.  As a general rule, employees will not be allowed to access our buildings to unauthorized personal visitors.  We can make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.


No photographs may be taken without prior approval from management. In addition, photography that is allowed cannot be published without prior approval from management.


In accordance with our non-solicitation policy, visitors must not try to proselytize employees, gather donations, or request participation in activities while on our premises.  Any visitors who violate this policy may be escorted off the grounds.

Unauthorized visitors

Security staff who spot unauthorized visitors may ask them to leave. Visitors who misbehave (e.g. engage in hate speech, cause disruption or steal property) will be asked to leave and prosecuted if appropriate.

Employees who spot unauthorized visitors may refer them to office management.

How Can You Help?

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